August 14 Issue

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Case for defence
The country's highest law officer comes under a cloud as the Congress joins issue with Jethmalani in accusing him of "grose impropriety"

  The PM's pointman
Picking Bangaru Laxman has tightened Vajpayee's grip on BJP

Marx to Mamta
The first real challenge to the CPI(M) in its rural bastion leads to a bloodbath


Fifth Column
by Talveen Singh
Commons' Problem

by Jairam Ramesh
Beyond the Mumbo-Jumbo


Right Angle
by Swapan Dasgupta
India Can't Endure Pain


Flip side
by Dilip Bobb

Heroic Events

Other stories  

Battle On the sidelines
While the battle continues in the Rajya Sabha on the Jethmalani resignation issue, no-one missed the intra-Congress battle between Pranab Mukherjee and Arjun Singh

  From Grr...
AP CM is giving his colleagues a hard time by cutting out their beauty sleep
  Landing Blues
Ashok Gehlot is now on to development work





Cover girl
Mamta Kulkarni is under threat. And we don't mean from the fashion police. Following her two trips to court in July clad in a burqa, a fundamentalist group in Mumbai has threatened to burn her if she does it again. The case is over a 1993 Stardust cover for which she posed only in jeans. Why the burqa, asked the judge? Answer: to avoid being mobbed by fans. Says Omar Qureshi, joint editor of Stardust in 1993: "I think the burqa was just a cover-up, pun intended." As for the lady, she's revealing nothing.

Miss Me
It's like a beauty contest archive. In Kashmakash, director Priyadarshan has cast three ex-Miss India contestants: 1984 winner Juhi Chawla; Virasat girl and 1993 second runner-up Pooja Batra; and Karminder Kaur, 1993 first runner-up. Kaur was the girl with Sunil Shetty in the hit song Paro. Bad news guys, "This is my first and last acting role in a Hindi movie," she sighs. Thing is she just got married and moved to Australia. But take heart, we're just one down.

Forever Young
She gets younger and younger with age ... Having gone pop in recent years, even sung with a boy band young enough to be her grandsons, Asha Bhosle is performing in Wembley next month after a gap of 13 years. London's all revved up; so is singer Boy George. In a recent TV interview, he had described his duet with Bhosle, Bow Down Mister, as "the most perfect song I have ever done. It was the happiest time of my life, and is a song I treasure above everything else in my life." And she gets better and better with age...

More of Her
So what if her first film bombed? Jyotika Sadanah, 21, heroine of Priyadarshan's Hindi film Doli Sajake Rakhna, has just notched up her third Tamil hit, Khushi. She's appearing with Aamir Khan in a Coke ad. A multilingual thriller with Tabu and Tenali with Kamal Haasan are coming up. In fact, there's so much lined up that she can barely remember the word Bollywood. "In the South, people appreciate good work. It doesn't matter if your first film was a flop," she says, adding, "It's not easy to speak another person's language, and win their hearts as well." She's done it. And done it well.



The wokhorse is back
The celebrated China garden reopens in Mumbai more...

Looking Glass
Film Festival
Music Fest
Virtual Reality

    Web Exclusives

Can Bangaru Laxman do for the BJP what Lieberman has done for Al Gore, questions S. Prasannarajan in LOCOMOTIF

Sudeep ChakravartiIndia should learn the kung-fu of business or get hammered by China after it joins the WTO, says Sudeep Chakravarti in Loose Change.


"It is a frustration that India and Pakistan have not grown up enough to pull their heads out of the sand." Read an exclusive interview with Humphrey Hawksley, author of Dragon Fire, by INDIA TODAY's Ashok Malik.

INDIA TODAY's Sonia Faleiro was in Pakistan recently. This is the first in an exclusive series in which she writes about watching Jinnah in the Quaid's adopted city. Next week, she goes on a journey to Mohenjodaro. Read about this and more in DESPATCHES, exclusive stories for the web.


India's national animal is in crisis in the hands of its keepers. The death toll at Nandan Kanan Zoo in Orissa is now 12, nine of these rare white tigers.

The SriLankan crisis
Exclusive interviews, columns and infographics that track the battle for Jaffna.

The Kashmir jigsaw
With both the governments and militants taking
strong positions,
talks on autonomy could be heading for
a major showdown.

The Nepal Gameplan
'secret' new report obtained by INDIA TODAY lays bare the ISI's infiltration in Nepal.


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